Pathway Courses – High School  

Newman Catholic High School is adding a “Pathway Approach” with the idea of giving students options to pursue different areas of interest. Currently, we have a Business Pathway course that can be taken as a regular class or as a competency-based course. To explain, competency-based can be done at the student’s pace and does not require seat time in a class. The Business Pathways course allows students to earn an industry certification in Personal Finance, Business Office  Technology, Communications, and Career Preparedness. We are currently looking at adding additional industry certification options. Technology Pathways is another current option for our students that allows them to explore different tracks within the computer science field as well as the new Honors Pathway: 

Honors Pathway           Elective (Credit based on the scope of the project)

This self-directed course allows students opportunities to explore subjects of their choice. Prior approval is required from the school administration before embarking on their chosen pathway. A student that selects a pathway that does not have a direct evaluation process will need to complete a portfolio and presentation. 

A list of possible opportunities:

  • Online courses through a college or university.
  • An approved certification course.
  • Work-Based projects or activities.
  • Eagle Scout/FFA project or similar activity. 
  • Career Exploration
  • Projects of interest

* CB – Competency-Based (standards-based) instruction refers to instruction and an academic reporting system based on Archdiocesan learning goals, The Iowa Core, and Newman Catholic priority standards. Students earn credit after showing competence in the identified areas for their respective courses.