Online Course Updates from Newman Catholic

*The following are announcements that have been emailed to Newman Catholic Families. If you are not receiving emails please contact Kimberly at or correct the contact information located in Powerschool.*

As we approach the end of the year, we felt it essential to communicate out how we will close out the school year. Although school officially ends on June 4th, all course work will be completed by May 22nd. This will give us time to safely close out the school year. We will use the following schedule for families to enter the building for returning items and picking up personal belongings.

The building will be open from 3 pm to 6 pm on the following dates for all grade levels. Please adhere to the assigned days as indicated by the families’ last name.

May 26th

Families with the last name between A-F

May 27th 

Families with the last name between G-L

May 28th

Families with the last name between M-R

May 29th

Families with the last name between S-Z

Elementary (K-5)

* Please note that all personal items will be bagged and found in student’s lockers

God Bless,

Tony Adams

K-12 Administrator

Newman Catholic School –

  Forming Disciples to Lead, Love, and Serve.

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Newman Catholic sets a tentative graduation date

Based on discussion with Newman Catholic Seniors and their parents, the decision has been made to set a tentative graduation date of Sunday, June 28th.  Further details will be released at a future date.

To stay updated as information is released visit: “Online Course Resource Center”

Contact: Tony Adams, K-12 Administrator 641-423-6939


Today the Governor announced an extended school closure, online learning will continue for the remainder of the year.  During this difficult time, our School Counselor is available on Tuesday’s 1-2:30 and Friday’s 10-11:30 via zoom. The link is posted on the resource center: If additional times are needed, email Mrs.Weiner to set up a time. Contact information is also listed on the website:

Senior parents, please continue to monitor your emails for information regarding an end of year planning zoom meeting on Monday, April 20th at 6:30pm.

Spring sports are canceled. A message from our Activity Director: Clearly not the news we were hoping for. My heart goes out to all spring athletes especially those seniors who will no longer compete in high school athletics. Summer sports are still TBD, we will know by June 1 for sure. Let’s stay safe and stay healthy.

Newman families please continue to monitor your emails. If you are not sure if you have received them, see the resource center. As always, please reach out with any questions!

4/7/20 Phase #2 of Online Learning 

Newman Catholic Families,

With the Governor’s proclamation to close schools until April 30th, Newman Catholic will transition into phase-2 of our continuous learning plan. The details for phase-2, listed below, are separated into the different grade levels.


Teachers will continue to provide learning opportunities through Google Classroom. Please note that the resources provided are not required but suggested. See our FAQs (listed below) for further clarification.

Middle School & High School – Phase #2

As previously mentioned, phase-2 of our continuous learning process will focus on the core curriculum and exploratory mini-courses for electives. We will be posting online schedules and courses later this week.

Key Elements

  • Newman Catholic will continue to offer courses in a voluntary setting.

  • Core courses will focus on moving forward with new materials at an appropriate pace for online learning. Elective courses will allow students to continue to explore areas of interest.

  • The courses will be offered in an asynchronous approach while offering students face to face opportunities.

    • The week’s activities will be posted on Google Classroom by 8 am Monday.

    • The schedule is posted to indicate when teachers will give further clarification on posted lessons and allow for discussions and or questions to be answered.

    • Any additional learning activities presented by the teacher during the scheduled class time will be recorded and linked in their respective Google Classroom.

  • If we were to continue school starting on May 1st, then we would pick up the 4th quarter where the current online core courses are at in their lessons.



  • Students will be expected to check and respond to their school’s email twice a day. Once in the morning before they start course work and again in the afternoon.


  • Create a structure for their at-home learning experience. This includes a quiet place that they can spend time working without interruptions. It is also best that students get into a daily routine for working on school work. Although routine is important, don’t stress over students taking breaks.

  • Read this article that gives tips for families doing online learning.


  • Teachers are expected to return emails from students/parents within 24 hours of receiving messages Monday-Friday.  Communications received after 3 pm on Friday will be answered by 5 pm on Mondays.

  • Work submitted by students will be reviewed and returned with feedback within one week of the assignment being due for submission.

  • All Teachers will be available by Zoom or Google Meets during their scheduled class time and the identified virtual office hours. The scheduled office hours are Fridays from 10 am – 11:30 am. Students can also schedule times to meet with teachers through email.

  • Teachers will provide a recorded link to the presented lessons the same day the material was presented.


  • Will communicate all pertinent information to members of the Newman family as it becomes available.

  • Will work with teachers to monitor and assess the current learning environment ensuring we are creating effective learning opportunities for our students.

FAQ – General

Are we returning to school or not?

The Dept. of Ed has indicated it would give a two-week notice for additional school closings. At this time, we are doing online learning until April 30th.

What happens after April 30th if we are in school?

We will continue with the 4th quarter schedule. Teachers will continue with course work that was presented in our current online format.

What happens if the school is closed for the remainder of the year?

We will continue to offer online learning activities through our scheduled school year. Our last day of school would be June 4th.

By going to a voluntary approach, will we need to make up the missed school days?


Guidance from the State of Iowa –

Voluntary Educational Enrichment Opportunities: School provides paper packets, teleconferencing, online instruction, or other outreach activities. Participation is voluntary, and there is no grading or credit given. Schools would need to be regularly engaging with students. Hours missed would not be made up.

* Newman will provide online resources for continuous learning.

How much work will this be?

We know that teachers and students are not accustomed to doing school work from home. Teachers will be prioritizing learning goals with the intent that school work will be to a lesser degree than when school is generally in session.

Will my child move up to the next grade level for the 2020-2021 school year?

Yes. All students will advance to the next grade. All grade levels will begin with re-teaching and re-learning to ensure a solid foundation before moving forward.

FAQ – Elementary

Why are there so many Google Classrooms to check?

All of the lessons could have been located in one classroom, but instead, it was decided to break the lessons into subject areas. Each Google Classroom represents a subject, which allows an easy way to locate a specific subject.

Are elementary students expected to complete all of the work in each Google Classroom?

No. Elementary students are free to explore any or all of the subject areas they feel comfortable with and/or understand well enough to do. They are also free to skip over any assignments they don’t feel comfortable doing without explanation. There are no requirements or due dates for any of the work included within the classrooms.

Why are all assignments put in the classrooms on Sunday for the whole week instead of one day at a time?

Providing all learning opportunities at the beginning of the week allows flexibility so students can learn at a time that best fits their own needs and their family’s schedules.

How much time should my child spend within their online learning and Google Classrooms?

There is not a set amount of time an elementary child should spend on their online learning.  Time spent should be determined by your child’s level of excitement and engagement, as well as the family’s needs and schedule.

How do I, or my child, communicate with the teacher?

Students and parents can communicate with their teachers within each of the Google Classrooms by leaving a group message or private message. Messages are shown in the teacher’s Google Classroom and automatically sent to the teacher’s email as well. Students and parents can also email their teachers at any time. Teachers check their email often; however, teachers are scheduled to review and respond to their emails every Monday-Friday at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Teachers will also be checking in with their students and families once a week via email or phone call. Teachers will also be responding to students’ work within the Google Classroom and other online platforms they are using.

FAQ – Middle School/High School

Why is Newman not going the required route for continued learning?

It was determined that the voluntary approach gave all students opportunities to continue the learning process without being put at risk (not receiving credit) for the many possible circumstances that could prevent them from finishing their courses.

How will this impact the credit my child needs for graduation?

All students will receive the credit they have earned through the 3rd quarter. If we return to school or change to a required format in May, then students would earn 4th quarter credit based on their work at that time. If we do not return to school and continue with the voluntary approach, then students would be given semester credit for the work completed through the 3rd quarter. The simple answer is that no students would be put in jeopardy of graduating as a result of our current reality.

What is meant by asynchronous learning?

In asynchronous learning, students complete the work on their own schedule outside of actual class time. Activities will be posted Monday morning for students to work on during the week.

If we are using an asynchronous learning approach, why are there scheduled class times?

Class times are made available for students to get additional clarity on posted assignments or allow for class discussions. Teachers may also use this time to clarify posted learning assignments. Any new material presented during class time will be recorded and posted on the classes’ Google Classroom.

As a Senior, do I need to take any courses to graduate?

We would love for seniors to keep taking all of their classes, but this is not required.  Seniors in dual credit classes (NIACC) will need to continue their current coursework. Seniors are highly encouraged to continue courses that prepare them for their college courses and the rigor of future college work.

Tony Adams
K-12 Administrator
Newman Catholic School –
Forming Disciples to Lead, Love, and Serve.

3/27/20 We are excited to bring you Phase #1 of online learning – Short term (until April 10th)

  • Teachers will design lessons that will focus on student interactions. 
  • The goal is to use the mini-lessons as a way to determine our readiness for online learning.
  • ** Links require students to be logged into their accounts

Middle School Mini-Course Catalog  & Registration

High School Mini-Course Catalog  & Registration


Parents, the information below has also been sent to your student’s Newman email address. Please ask them to check it daily.  Also,  all updates are available on our website under the COVID-19 link.  The following is the info regarding the mini-courses that will take place in the next two weeks. Please note that although these courses are not required, we highly recommend that you participate as a way to get used to online learning. If school were to be canceled beyond April 10th, we would transition into a more structured online format that could be required.
Recommended Steps:
  • Register for your courses – The mini-course and Registration Links can be found on the school website at the COVID-19 Resource page. (Currently Viewing)
  • Join the course Google Classroom
  • Check Classroom Monday Morning for any class updates
  • Participate in the online schedule.

For mini-courses next week, teachers may use virtual audio/visual applications. Potential applications include Google Hangouts Meet and Zoom. With either app, your mini-course teacher will email you a link or post a link to Google Classroom to your virtual meeting.

To use Zoom, users have two options: use the web-based application (website is or download the app onto your computer.
1. There is no downloading of the application required for this option. Go to and use the web-based interface.  At the top of the page, there is an option to “Join a Meeting.” When you click on the link, it will take you to a page that you can enter the meeting ID that your teacher sent via email and/or posted in Google Classroom. You can also click the link that your teacher emailed and/or published in Google Classroom, and it should open up the web page and enter you into the virtual meeting.
2. Manually download the Zoom application. This will permanently save the app onto your computer. To use Zoom, you simply open the application and enter the meeting ID that your teacher sent via email and/or posted in Google Classroom.
3. You will need to sign up for a Zoom account. Students may use their @newmancatholic google account to create this account by following the instructions below:

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 1.22.51 PM.png

(Click to enlarge…)

Finally, We ask all students in middle school and high school to check your emails daily.
Tony Adams
K-12 Administrator
Newman Catholic School –
Forming Disciples to Lead, Love, and Serve.

Parents and Students,

We hope this finds you all settling into your new routines at home. We, at Newman Catholic, are continuing to work daily to provide our students with a quality education in this new online environment. In order to provide a quality academic experience for our students, we have decided to approach the transition to online learning in two phases for grades 6-12.

Phase #1 – Short term online learning (until April 10th) – “Mini-Lessons.”

  • Teachers have designed short lessons that will focus on student interaction.

  • The goal is to use the mini-lessons to prepare for online learning.

Phase #2 (If needed beyond April 10th) – Transition into core learning activities.

  • After step one has been evaluated, our approach to providing meaningful learning experiences will be put into place.

  • We anticipate a balance between a structured schedule that will focus on core curriculum and exploratory mini-courses for electives.

Information on Phase #1

We have put together several mini-courses for our students to explore over the next two weeks (March 30th – April 10th). The goal for each course is to create a learning environment that allows students to collaborate as they explore the various topics. The mini-courses are found in the catalog links below.  The catalog provides a brief description of the course, the instructor(s), and the classroom code.

We recommend the following for students:

  • Register for your Math Class – First two weeks will build on past skills

  • Join one or two additional mini-courses*

*Although students can join as many mini-courses as they believe they can manage, we recommend three-courses, which includes math, as the maximum number.

We would ask that students register using the applicable link below by Friday.  Once a student registers, they should then join the course’s Google Classroom (Code is in the course catalog).

Mini-Courses for Middle School and High School**

** Links require students to be logged into their accounts

Quarter Three

We have now officially ended quarter-three. Grades will be posted based on student performances prior to spring break. Students still have time to submit missing work for the quarter. Please email your teacher with any questions concerning grades and assignments for the third quarter.

Parents in grades K-5 will be receiving a conference summary of your child’s performance/scores for the 3rd quarter. Please check your email for this on Friday, April 3, 2020. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.


Mrs. Weiner and Mrs. Ries are happy to provide you and your child support to help get through these changes and stressful times. We have set up Google Classrooms that you can access at any time to obtain resources and activities that support emotional, social, and behavioral well-being. These resources are for you as a parent and /or your child to use if and when you feel you might need that extra support. You can also reach out to us at and at any time, and we will promptly get back to you.

To access our Google Classrooms, please use the following codes…

Kindergarten – 2nd grade:  tsui5vt

3rd – 5th grade:  mzwdj6q

6th – 8th grade:  x5mwhao

9th – 11th grade:  b4q4x4y

12th – Seniors Only:  5xqovf7

Information on Phase #2

Details will be provided as soon as we have further information concerning the school year.

We are excited to say we are ready to begin our student home educational learning opportunities with our K-12 Newman Students! The mission of the Newman Catholic School System is to provide a quality education for all in a caring, responsive, and faith-filled environment. With that in mind, Newman staff members have been working on an overall plan to connect with the students they serve and provide some educational learning opportunities for students at home.

We are hoping you will walk through the following processes with your child to ensure their understanding and use of our home educational learning opportunities. This will help bridge the gap from school to home during this time and ensure your child is better prepared for his/her future learning.

Kindergarten through Fifth Grade Plan

Kindergarten through Fifth grade will have a Google platform called “Google Classroom,” they will be using to share out student home educational learning opportunities. Parents of students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade will be sent an email with instructions to follow for access to the grade-level Google Classrooms. Parents, please check your emails!

Middle School and High School Plan

For the next week, we have identified Math, Science, and Reading as essential skills to guide student learning. The attached document shows resources for each area. It is recommended that each student spends a few hours on either Math or Science each day.  We also believe students should reach each day and have given guidance for each grade level. At the end of the document are links for students to participate in various faith opportunities. We would strongly encourage that families find time to pray together.

The attachment for middle school and high school is also posted on our website: > Parents > Documents > Resource Document

Future Plans

Middle School and High School Teachers are currently finalizing plans for additional mini-courses that will focus on 21st-century learning in a fun and creative way. Look for details early next week.

Newman Catholic Faculty

Tony Adams
K-12 Administrator
Newman Catholic School –
Educating the Mind, Heart, and Spirit


We will be sending out academic information and resources tomorrow.

School Open for Personal Items

The school will be open on Friday from 11:00 to 12:30 and again from 4:30 to 6:00 for those needing to get personal items. Families with K-5 students should use the elementary entrance, while parents with students in middle school or high school should use the main MS/HS entrance. We will monitor the number of people that enter the building to ensure we stay below 10 people in each area. As a result, we may ask you to stay in your vehicle until someone leaves. We would also ask that you follow the guidelines of social distancing while in the building.


On Wednesday (3-17-2020), Governor Reynolds issued a State of Public Health Disaster Emergency. In this, Governor Reynolds proclaimed the following:

A.   Restaurants and Bars: All Restaurants and Bars are hereby closed to the general public except that to the extent permitted by applicable law, and in accordance with any recommendations of the Iowa Department of Public Health, food and beverages may be sold if such food or beverages are promptly taken from the premises, such as on a carry-out or drive-through basis, or if the food or beverage is delivered to customers off the premises.

E. Mass Gathering: Social, community, spiritual, religious, recreational, leisure, and sporting gatherings and events of more than 10 people are hereby prohibited at all locations and venues, including but not limited to parades, festivals, conventions, and fundraisers. Planned large gatherings and events must be canceled or postponed until after the termination of this disaster.

Based upon this proclamation, and a result of conversations and support from Mason City Schools, the Prom Advisor, and the After Prom Committee, we are recommending the postponement of Prom, currently scheduled on April 25th. We will continue to abide by and adhere to future guidance from our Governor and Legislature before making any official decisions regarding the future date of Prom. We will make every effort to have Prom. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility during this difficult time.

Tony Adams
K-12 Administrator
Newman Catholic School –
Educating the Mind, Heart, and Spirit

Other Announcements:


Important information regarding SCRIP purchases during school closure:

4/9/20 Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) information regarding spring sports


Something for everyone to look forward to!

We have a new date for the Gala! Mark November 7th on your calendars and get your tickets now, a limited number of tickets available:


Support Local Business:  The COVID-19 outbreak has placed a hardship on many of our business partners. We encourage families to support these businesses during this time if you are able to!


Coronavirus: with the constant changes that we have seen in the last couple of days. The Newman Catholic Foundation, with the guidance of the Archdiocese of Dubuque, CDC, and Iowa Department of Public Health, is postponing the April 4th, Newman Gala. As this Virus continues to evolve, we will continue to keep you updated. Please stay safe; thank you for your patience and your continued support. Blessings to all.
Middle School Phase 2 Schedule

Middle School Course List

Google Classroom Codes

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High School Phase 2 Schedule

High School Course List

Google Classroom Codes

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