Sunday, Jan. 31st

Celebrating Catholic Schools- In our Parishes! Watch the live stream of our supporting parishes to see a special graphic from our school included.

Supporting Parish Live Streams: Epiphany Parish Mason City, St. Patrick’s Clear Lake, Sacred Heart Manly (live-streamed at Epiphany), Sacred Heart Rockwell (live-streamed at St. Patricks)

Traditionally, we would have a Grandfriend Open House, instead, students are sending a craft to their special Grandfriend.  Here is a short video from their time decorating them:

Monday, Feb. 1st

Celebrating Catholic Schools- In our Community! Students will decorate placemats for local care centers.  Traditionally we would have older students pairing up with younger students, instead, we will have the Elementary students share their finished craft with a MS/HS classroom via google meets! Penny Wars will begin with proceeds benefiting the baby pantry at Epiphany Parish.  The baby pantry provides diapers, wipes, infant clothing, and much more to parents and infants in need.  This year the prize is a comfy day out of uniform for ES/MS and a pizza party for HS students!

Tuesday, Feb. 2nd

Celebrating Catholic Schools-In our Students! Students will get a glazed HyVee donut at the start of the day.  They will also watch a virtual pep assembly celebrating winter sports, activities, and the nearing of our 100th day in school!

Wednesday, Feb. 3rd

Celebrating Catholic Schools- In our Nation! Students will make valentines for veterans and grades 6-12 will make a donation to their 1st-period class.  Proceeds go to the All-Vets Center in order to dress in jeans and red, white, and blue for the day. Grade K-5 may also wear jeans with red, white, and blue with no donation necessary.

Thursday, Feb. 4th

Celebrating Catholic Schools- In our Vocations!  Every person has a Christian vocation, which is the way God invites you to love and give yourself to others.  It is not simply the giving of your skills, services, and expertise, but the giving of your whole self as a path to holiness.  On the surface the vocations of priesthood, religious life, married life, and single life seem quite different, don’t they?  Although there is a beautiful diversity among these vocations, at their heart each shares a common commitment to love.   As St John Paul II explained it, “Love is the fundamental and innate vocation of every human being”

On this day our students will be delivering lunch to our local priests, sisters, and deacons as well as a special thank you to them.  Our students will participate in a Mass.  We also invite you to share with us how your faith has shaped you and your vocation on our social media!  Put your comment in the live stream of the Elementary Mass and we will be sure to share it!

Thursday, Feb. 4th-School is canceled due to weather-*No Mass and meal delivery to area parishes will be rescheduled*

Friday, Feb. 5th

Celebrating Catholic Schools- In our faculty, staff, and volunteers!

On this day we will celebrate our hardworking faculty and staff with an appreciation lunch.  This day is also a K-12 spirit jean day! Wear jeans and your favorite Newman shirt for a day out of uniform.

Saturday, Feb. 6th

Celebrating Catholic Schools- In our families!

Create a family crest! A how-to video created by Mrs. Nichols-6-12 Art Teacher is posted below.

View the supply list and template by clicking here.