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K-12 Administrator, Mr. Tony Adams, talks about what makes an education at Newman Catholic Schools in Mason City, Iowa such a great choice.

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Admission Packet

Interested in hearing more about the enrollment process? Contact Megan Studer, Communications and Enrollment Coordinator at 641-423-6939 or

The possible transfer and his/her parent(s)/guardian are asked to complete an informational interview to begin the transfer process. Students will be considered for enrollment once the Application for Admission has been completed and returned, and a copy of the student’s transcripts, discipline record, and attendance record are received.

One of three decisions can be issued in response to a transfer application:

  1. Admission without conditions
  2. Admission with conditions
  3. Denial of application for admission
641-423-6939Contact-Megan Studer, Communications and Enrollment Coordinator

Making Wonderful Memories!

Our students grow together, laugh together, and learn together, making memories that last forever!

Get Involved

You are invited to attend any number of activities including sporting events, enrichment activities, concerts and more!

Due to COVID-19 participation in events and touring is limited.  The Enrollment Coordinator is available throughout the summer to answer questions at 641-423-6939 or Visit the Communication and Resource Center of our website to learn more about precautions and planning for the upcoming year.